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Common Using for Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is the newest technology that allows an increasing competitiveness by reducing costs and a greater flexibility, while utilizing the optimal resources with elasticity.

Business is the one thing that uses most the advantages offered by cloud computing, but today it is available also for users of mobile devices and internet. Here are a few common situations when the technology of cloud computing is preferred to increase the ability and possibility to achieve the goals in your business.

IaaS and PaaS

Cloud-ComputingIaaS means Infrastructure as a service, while PaaS means Platform as a service. The IaaS means using an infrastructure that already exists on a PPU scheme (pay-per-use) and this is the best choice for the companies that want to save money with the cost required to invest in acquiring, managing or maintaining the IT infrastructure. There can be the same reason for those organizations and companies that are turning to PaaS – meaning reducing costs, while also looking for an increase in the development’s speed for deploying applications on a ready-to-use platform.

Hybrid Cloud vs. Private Cloud

cloud-computingThe companies will choose using a cloud (especially a public cloud) in 2 situations, where they are trying to assess the applications that they are launching in their environment. Even if testing and development may be time-limited, if the company chooses a hybrid cloud to test the applications it will be easier to do without investing the money that they could actually lose in case the apps don’t work.

What is amazing is that the hybrid cloud has the possibility to expand itself for short periods of time at peak usage. This is preferable to the possibility of hosting a big infrastructure that won’t be used very often.

Testing and Development

The cloud’s best usage is for testing and developing. It will cost you a lot less than planning a budget, preparing the environment with physical assets, staff and time, installing and also configuring the platform. Just think of how much time would you need to completely finish this kind of project.

If you choose cloud computing, you will have available an already prepared environment that is perfect for whatever you need. You will have just a part or a combination between virtualized and physical resources.

Extreme Data Analytics

cloud-blue-technologyIf you use cloud computing, you will be able to tap into those extreme quantities of structured or unstructured data for extracting value for your business.

For example, for retailers or suppliers it is easy now to extract the information that derives from the buying patters of the customers, so that they can target their marketing and advertising campaigns to particular segments of the population. In addition, the platforms of the social networks are also providing a base for analyzing behavioral patters, and the organizations and the companies are using these to extract important information.


Cloud computing also offers you the possibility to store the files and access them from wherever you are. This makes it easier for them to access, store and retrieve anything they want from any interface that is web-enabled. These services are actually quite simple. No matter where you are, your environment will be available, at a fast speed, but also secured. When the companies choose this service, they will pay only for the amount of “space” they are actually using.


When a disaster happens, you do need a DR procedure (disaster recovery) to recover everything. Cloud computing makes it easier, as you won’t need those DR procedures on site that were done with rigid procedures, fixed assets and increased costs.

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